residential aged care placement

We relieve the pressure of finding your loved one the care they deserve

Aged Care Placement

We understand that helping a loved one move into residential aged care can be one of the most challenging times you will face.

We know the stress of trying to find the right vacancy in a short window of time, the overwhelming paperwork, and the complications in navigating the aged care system, all while dealing with the emotions of this transition.

We’ll do the heavy lifting for you

With our combined over 75 years of experience in the aged care sector, the team at Seniors Pathway will ensure your loved one finds a place that meets their needs. We handle all the paperwork for you, while working with you and your loved one with kindness and understanding.

Step 1

Meeting you and the older person

When we meet with you, we explain the aged care process and get to know the needs of the older person. We then meet with the older person and take the time to build a rapport with them, so that they trust us to find their new home.

Step 2

Handling the paperwork

We take control of all the paperwork involved to ensure the process is stress-free. This includes completing a care assessment on the older person, placement applications, the Centrelink Assets and Income assessment, and coordinating with GPs, social workers and other relevant personnel.

It is particularly important to complete the Centrelink paperwork correctly as this links directly to the fees you will need to pay and the type of accommodation we will be looking for.

We keep you closely informed every step of the way.

Step 3

Walking through the financials

The financial aspect of aged care can feel confronting and overwhelming, which is why we work closely with you and your loved one to find something that matches their budget and ensure the relevant steps are taken to get there.

We will walk you through how the aged care costs work and help you understand your loved one’s options. We will also liaise with your loved one’s financial advisor or accountant and negotiate a discount with the aged care provider wherever possible and appropriate.

Step 4

Finding the right facility... and securing it quickly

While there are usually time pressures involved in finding a place, there is also a lot to consider when finding the ideal residential aged care facility for your loved one. Getting this right will make an enormous difference to their quality of life.

Our contacts and intimate knowledge of Adelaide’s aged care homes means we can match your loved one with the facility and room that best suits their needs, and secure it within a very short period of time.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a family’s relief when they get their first-choice facility — one that their loved one feels comfortable in straight away.

Step 5

Touring the facility

It’s important to visit the aged care home you’re considering before making a decision. We will liaise with you and the home’s staff to coordinate a time to visit, and explain why we recommend it. As we are 100% independent, we won’t ever pressure your loved one to accept a bed — our priority is its suitability for the older person and their family.

Step 6

Coordinating the admission

We ensure a smooth transition to the aged care home, including all paperwork and transport arrangements. We also provide the facility staff with a thorough understanding of your loved one’s medical diagnosis and needs. We will follow up soon after to make sure your loved one is settling into their new home and receiving the care they need.

Step 7

Ongoing advocacy

Once your loved one has settled in, we will continue to advocate for them for the duration of their stay.

Let us help you navigate the aged care system and get the best possible outcome for your loved one.

Call our experienced team on (08) 8379 5006 or tell us what you need below.