why seniors pathway?

Access the best possible care by using a residential aged care placement service

The journey into aged care is often challenging and emotional for both the older person and their family. An experienced, independent aged care consultant can take the pressure off and result in a better outcome for everyone.

At Seniors Pathway we guide you through every step to getting your loved one the support they need.


We are an independent voice

We are 100% independent, with in-depth knowledge of every facility in Adelaide. This ensures we can find an aged care home that best fits your loved one’s needs.

The Seniors Pathway team is highly regarded in the industry and we have formed close relationships with a range of aged care providers across South Australia, so our clients often get priority for vacancies.


We handle your paperwork

The last thing you need at this time is the burden of completing tedious and complex paperwork. We take the majority of this off your hands, giving you the space to focus on your loved one and their transition to aged care.

We know exactly what information the aged care providers need and provide it to them quickly in order to give you a much greater chance of securing a place at the aged care home of your choice.

We have intimate knowledge of every facility in Adelaide

The team at Seniors Pathway has developed intimate knowledge of every aged care home in Adelaide and use this information to find a facility that matches the specific needs of the older person and their family.

When hospitals discharge a patient, in many cases they don’t know a lot about the facility they are sending them to. If your loved one needs permanent residential care, hospitals will often arrange for them to receive residential respite for a temporary solution, only for you to be faced with the same problem of finding permanent care once their time in respite runs out.

When you partner with Seniors Pathway, we advocate for the right home first time, instead of a quick fix.


We can secure a place very quickly

Thanks to our strong relationships with aged care providers across Adelaide and our ability to provide the right information to the right people, we often secure beds for our clients well before they are available to the public.

In most cases, we have the place secured and the move organised within just a few days.

We make it easier to afford the care you want

We help you understand the cost of care and ensure all the paperwork is properly completed so that your loved one can maximise any government support they are entitled to. In many cases, we have also been able to negotiate discounts on our clients’ behalf.

While we are not financial advisors or accountants, we can give you all the information to help you and your loved one understand your options and make an informed decision.

Let us help you navigate the aged care system and get the best possible outcome for your loved one. Call our experienced team on (08) 8379 5006 or tell us what you need below.